2018 Reviews:

Love it, wonderfully done and I love the family history.  I can’t wait to read more.  Thank you so much for sharing.  –Annette Taylor 

You give Catawba a life in your stories and it takes me back to better times. Thank you.  –Terri Garman Csarnogusky

Thank you for what you have started. It’s going to be fun reading in the future. I am one of five children of Jack and Polly Beard.  –Lori Hutchison

Loved your first-grade bathroom story! It was so entertaining but I can imagine how a little guy of six must have felt. Marsha Bowen

Love everything you write…I can’t wait to read the next article…Thank you for such beautiful work.  Annette Taylor

I love reading your Catawba Stories. Alice Brickey Bryant 

I enjoy reading about Keffer and family and friends. My home growing up was off Rt 311. I went to Keffer store some with my brother , I was young. Love to read about them. I think you did a great job writing about the Keffer store and family. Carolyn Niday

As a small child back in the early days, we would stop there on the way to Roanoke from Craig. As I grew up & started traveling on my own I would stop. I want to say those people were so nice & considerate. The store had such unique items. These were the good times. People cared about each other. It was simple and most beautiful. How I miss these times. Thank you!! Betty Craft Hall

Thank you for sharing this glimpse into our past! Roy Baugh was my grandfather. I walked from his house to the store many times growing up, the Keffers were kind as kind could be! I miss those simpler days.  Delores Baugh Goneau 

Thank you for this wonderful post. I am already eagerly awaiting your next one! I really love the family group picture – I found my grandparents (Nelson Smith and Phyllis Garman Smith) and my great-grandparents (Leon Garman and Lucy McPherson Garman). What a treasure – I just wish I knew who some of the other folks are! Can’t wait for the next post!  Missy 

Wonderfully written.  Belinda 

My name is Paul McDaniel and I was married to Eloise Taylor until she passed away. I am now married to Sadie Morris McDaniel and we consider ourselves lucky to still be considered part of the family. We think Catawba is one of the best places to live, and I am so glad to have found this information. Hope there will be much more to come.Paul and Sadie McDaniel 

Loved this! I am from a different Garman branch that lived on Bradshaw, just over the mountain…can’t wait to read more about the Garmans from Catawba!  Denise Garman Wall

Thank you so much for sharing about life in Catawba.  My husband Jim Bowen is the son of Rachel Shepherd Bowen, one of Carra’s five daughters. It has been interesting to read your stories.  God bless you as you continue sharing your stories.  Marsha and Jim Bowen

I am enjoying reading about what you have written about the Garman family. I love being part of that family and I remember the good times we had together. Keep up the good work.  Gene Garman

Ted, I know I’ve said this for just about every Catawba article you’ve written, but once again this is my favorite. I too spent lots of time “on the hill” with the Morgan family.  Thanks for reminding me of the special times with these loving wonderful folks. Betty Keffer Munsey

Thank you for sharing! I am the great-granddaughter of the late Gertrude Garman, granddaughter of Cleo Martin, and daughter of Ronnie Martin! I have always loved Catawba and am very proud of my family! Can’t wait to read more, keep up the good work! Misty Martin

This is Awesome. I am a great-granddaughter of Kermit and Virginia Garman. I can’t wait to read and learn more.  Kathy A. Huffman

I remember the Morgan family – Landon, Bill & Maxie mainly. My Dad ran a store further North on 311 at the county line. Those three would come in quite often. Even as a child I thought they we “characters”. If I wasn’t out in the store, Maxie would make a point on finding me to talk before she left. Can’t wait to get the book. I have already learned so much from this article about the family.  Jean Bradley 

What a super neat article! My husband and I really enjoyed reading this, thanks so much for sharing this and all this wonderful information! I had no idea about all of this history surrounding this establishment! I know my grandmother will love this book!  Amanda Niday