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cover FrontEchoes From Catawba Volume 1
“Growing Up In Catawba Valley, Appalachia” is a collection of stories from the early 1900s through the mid-1950s. Read about this simple way of life Catawba Valley. Told through the eyes of families that experienced growing up in the Appalachian mountains.

This 6X9″, 175-page hardcover book includes true stories, history, and images from beautiful Catawba Valley.

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Echoes From Catawba Volume 2
Granny Taylor of Possum Holler is a biography of Winnie Earl Garman Taylor.  It will take you on a journey through almost one hundred and nine years with a woman that will amaze you and impact your emotions in countless ways. Honesty, humility, caring, fearlessness, hard-working, funny, and selflessness are but a few of her attributes. The most notable trait she projected was consistency. Through a century of living, she never varied from who she was, while never forgetting her roots. Each chapter introduces the reader to the many people in her life and how they were blessed by Granny. How she stayed true to a near primitive lifestyle through fast-changing times is quite a feat. Few in the early years of the twentieth century would ever desire to live the way Granny did, especially when it was not necessary. For those of you who did not know of or about this lady, prepare yourselves for an adventurous, true story about a woman who could have had all the conveniences imaginable. A typical reaction would be to question why did she choose this life and sustain it for the entirety of her active life? If you as a reader knew her over the years, then let this book be a refreshing walk down memory lane while learning some things about her that you missed along the way. If you are meeting her for the first time, you are in for a real treat.

Echoes From Catawba Volume 3

This 6X9″, 137-page hardback book contains twelve articles about interesting people and a variety of subjects. The lead article is a history of the Catawba Sanatorium as experienced by three generations of the Carroll family. The article follows the life of a man and his family, who were greatly impacted by the dreaded Tuberculosis disease. On what was property occupied by a resort community in the late  1850s, the first-ever TB Sanatorium in Virginia became a reality in Catawba in 1909. Guest writer Carolyn Pillow Mayhew gives us a wonderful story of her childhood living on the Catawba Sanatorium Campus. This article is a must for the hundreds of people who had loved ones there as patients, as well as for the doctors,  nurses, service personnel, farmworkers, and anyone else with a connection to the Sanatorium. For the first time, I have included Craig County stories since Catawba and Craig are so closely connected. The Craig section is a delightful story by guest writer and longtime friend Betty Munsey, who shares her childhood years visiting her Grandparents Smith in Paint Bank. I share some personal experiences of good times in our neighboring county.  I have an enjoyable article of the most recognized couple in Catawba, Frankie and Louise Garman, which will appeal to everyone. It portrays their lives together in the late 1940s, resulting in a lifetime together spanning 65 years. The last residents of the Garman Homeplace are in an article that covers Will and Louemma Garman, Paul and Stacil Garman, and Gene and Truddy Garman. Seven other articles cover a variety of subject matters for informative and enjoyable reading.

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Echoes From Catawba Vol 4

Echoes From Catawba Volume 4

This 6X9″, 122-page hardback book contains ten interesting articles.   Volume four of Echoes From Catawba is the final book of the “Echoes” series portraying the people, places, and times of Catawba Valley. Volume four stays true to the format of the previous three. In this 4th book, there is a heartwarming story of a little girl spending her summers at Craig Healing Springs in what was a fairyland experience. The Great Wagon Road, how McAfee Knob got its name, and the first Boy Scout Troop are articles in Volume four. For the first time, Lower Catawba and its people will be featured. A profile of one of the 17 member Garman family will appear along with the second-largest family (Martins) to settle in Catawba. The back-story of the Homeplace Restaurant and the Wingate family promises to be of interest to many readers.


  • Hardcover collectors edition is $27.99  (includes tax & shipping: allow 4 – 6 days delivery).

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