Any Reports Of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated!

By Ted Carroll

This was one of many quotes of a man named Will Rogers who was born in 1879 in what is now Oklahoma and died in an airplane crash in Alaska in 1935. He was a writer, actor, speaker as well as other endeavors but was well known for his many quotes. After an absence of several years from the public and family he offered up the above quote————which leads me to start this article to assure all my readers that I am alive and well. So, why the lengthy period of time without writing another book or news about Echoes From Catawba in general?

In 2021 the Covid pandemic had created havoc in America affecting everyone in schools, workplaces and homes. During that year I was engaged in writing the final book of Echoes From Catawba Volume four. I finished in late October and the book went to the printing company.

At that time, we were working with the fine folks at the Salem Museum who had graciously set up a major display in the main exhibit area to reflect life in the settling of Catawba Valley based on the four Echoes From Catawba books.  This exhibit was very popular. Garrett Channell, Director of Education, and Alex Burke, Museum Assistant Director upon request, they made a visit to Mason’s Cove Elementary School.  They spoke to students at each grade level about what it was like growing up in Catawba in the early 1900’s.  The program was so successful, they also made presentations to other Roanoke County schools.

In the meantime, I had right knee replacement just nineteen days prior to the hugely successful Volume 4 book launch on December 11, 2021.  Three months later on February 22, 2022, I had left knee replacement surgery which would require in-home and outpatient therapy lasting sixteen weeks.  In August I had a cancerous tumor removed and would be homebound for a few weeks.

October arrived with a colorful display of the majestic Great Smokey Mountains.  Tina and I went for a four-day visit to Gatlinburg. This trip was awe-inspiring and motivated me to restart the Echoes from Catawba effort.

Reports of my demise were greatly exaggerated!

Let’s get started with a BOOK REPORT

Back in the early years of our schooling, a standard assignment was to read a book and give a verbal report on it in class. I have definitely read the four book Collectors series and see fit to give an update on Echoes From Catawba.  Simply said, it was an effort to document the history of Catawba Valley, Virginia with a focus on its people, places and culture. These four books provide a collection of nonfiction articles appealing to folks who were born and raised in Catawba as well as folks who were unaware of the Appalachian lifestyle which impacted millions of people from Maine to Georgia. Rest assured, the culture in Catawba, Virginia (as well as throughout the Appalachian Mountains) will never be canceled nor forgotten due to this four-book series!

Changes to the marketing of this popular series

Over the past four years we have focused on the hardback version so buyers could have an attractive set of the four book Collectors Series. Only a certain number of these hardbacks have been printed, making the set of four a valuable collection. We only have a few hardback books left.  We will continue to offer softback books going forward.

Important: Here is the status of availability of hardbacks.

Echoes From Catawba Volume 2–Granny Taylor From Possum Holler Less than 20 copies left.

Echoes From Catawba Volume 1—Growing up in Catawba Valley  Less than 30 copies left.

Echoes From Catawba Volumes 3 and 4 Less than 80 copies left.

Remember: None of the four volumes will be reprinted in hardback form so all have increased value going forward!

We will be setting up for several meet and greets and book signings before Christmas.

Sat. Nov. 12 from 9-2 at the Holiday Craft Show at Botetourt High School

Sat. Nov. 19 from 10 – 2 at Salem Museum on Main St.

Sat. Dec. 3 from 9-2 at Catawba Holiday Market at the Catawba Community Center

We hope to see you there!

Books are also available at, Amazon, Salem Museum Gift Shop on Main Street in Salem, and The Emporium in New Castle.

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