There were Shepherds Living in the Same Country

There were Shepherds Living in the Same Country  Luke 2:8

Back: Christine, Momma Carra, Daddy Pud, Claudine Front: Betty, Helen, Rachel

Claude E. Shepherd had been called Pud (rhymes with good) for as long as anyone can remember.  It’s a mystery where this nickname came from.  He was called Pud by those who knew him, daddy Pud by his children, uncle Pud, cousin Pud, etc.

Carra and Claude Shepherd

Claude married Carra E Garman on December 1, 1923. Both were from Catawba, Virginia as were their parents. Claude was born on November 7, 1904, to John and Mollie Shepherd. There were seven boys and two girls in the Shepherd family.  Carra was the ninth child of 17 children born on September 4, 1900, to William and Luemma Garman. That family had nine boys and eight girls.

After Claude and Carra married, they lived with Claude’s parents in Catawba Valley. Their first child, Rachel was born there on September 18, 1924.   Not long after Rachel was born Claude and Carra moved to a large home on Catawba Creek road on the Andrews Farm where Claude would work as the manager for many years.


The family would grow quickly with the next births being the arrival of twin girls, Christine, followed 10 minutes later by Claudine on February 7, 1927.  Twin girls was a historic event. Out of 66 children born to 14 families of William & Luemma Garman, there would only be one set of twins.  In time, Claudine and Christine would be referred to as the “Catawba Twins.”

Two years later on February 9, 1929, Betty would be born. They would have one more child, and Claude would assume I am sure that it would be a boy. Wrong. In March of 1933 a redheaded baby girl, Helen, would arrive to complete the family of five girls. All five were born at home delivered by the Catawba midwife, Ms. Lawson. Rachel and Helen were redheads like their dad, while the twins would be brunettes and Betty would have jet black hair as daddy Pud would say.

Over the next quarter century, this family of five would journey through hardships, the Depression and World War Two. Not that they were alone in that respect because all the families living in Catawba Valley, Virginia would do the same. Travel with me now as we go back in time to see how this family reflects on their lives.


Rachel, Betty, Christine, Claudine, Helen

I could have written much more than I have shared with you based on the results of mine and Tina ’s wonderful experience in gathering information on this Shepherd Family. Our lives have been enriched and we look forward to the continued journey of life with Chris, Claudine, Betty, and Helen. What a joy to walk in another’s shoes down memory lane of Catawba Valley.

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