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familyGrowing up in the 40’s and 50’s in Catawba, Virginia, I was known as Teddy Carroll. I was born to a mother who was the last born in her family of 17 siblings and a God-fearing, well-respected father.   At the age of 4, my father became ill and was diagnosed with tuberculous. I spent much of my childhood while he was a patient in the TB Sanitorium which is, currently, called Catawba Hospital.  With three sisters, I became the “man of the house”.  Life in the Appalachian Mountains requires one to grow up quickly. I was involved in all areas of living off the land, raising animals, growing crops and earning money, however, I could. Times were hard but I am thankful for them.  However, with many cousins I enjoyed many happy times and treasure those memories to this day. That mountain living made me who I am today. Proof of God’s promise, that all things work together for the good for those who love him. Romans 8:28 says it all! After college, I left the mountains to make a living for a growing family.

The Spirit of the Appalachian Mountains remained strong and it spoke to me as I experienced the next five-plus decades. Thoughts of majestic mountains, wonderful people and the legacy left to me by my daddy Clarence never wavered. It took but a thought to bring back those memories as Catawba was always speaking. How could that happen, you may ask? It was the echoes of all those memories and experiences and am so grateful for that.

The time has come to preserve and share those treasured times and the people of Catawba. I invite you to be a part of this through ECHOES FROM CATAWBA.

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  1. I am a part of the Echoes of Catawba. Mary Ann Martin Strouth, child of Bush and Cleo Martin. Thank you Ted !

  2. Yes you are and thank you for following the Echoes blog. I am pleased to know that you have a desire to follow this journey. It will be informative, interesting and fun, while at the same time preserving history of Catawba and its people.

  3. Thanks for what you have started,it’s going to be fun to read more in the future. My name is Lori b Hutchison, 1 of 5 children of Jack and Polly Beard

    1. Welcome, Lori and thank you for your comment. What a pleasure to have you as a viewer. You are right, it is going to be fun, cheery and teary to bring back our love ones on this blog website. I feel God called me to do this and my goal is to preserve all the people and experiences so that those who follow me and you will know their heritage. I loved your Dad & Mom-Ted

  4. Ted, I certainly enjoyed reading your article on your Garman Family. There are many families that are intertwined with the Garman’s, going back to older generations. I wish you success in writing about Catawba families, past and present.

    1. Thank you Nina for your nice comments. I am aware of the reality that there were/are many families involved in Catawba and it overwhelms me to try and cover them all in my blog Echoes From Catawba. However, with the help of others I am going to try. I want all of Catawba preserved for the younger folk, Having your interest as well as many others encourages me!-Blessings, Ted

  5. Never lived in Catawba myself but have roots there, Deeds, Garmans & Brillharts. Love the area, and have great memories of visiting our Aunt Net Deeds Starkey and her family.

  6. Nina, I appreciate your taking a moment to comment on your interest and connection to Catawba. I think you shared very nicely your feelings that shows your experiences there created an attachment to Catawba. Future blog posts will serve to keep those memories alive. -Glad to have you on board-Ted

  7. Ted I am married to one of the last 24 that is living We have been married almost 59 years He is the best . We have 3 children 5 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren and one that passed away in July of 2010 a little boy his name was Jaxon Slusser and we have one that will be born in about 2 weeks. My grandmother was Gertrude Garman Damewood and i am Bush and Cleo daughter. You know me i am Truddy.
    I have 7 sibling under me there were 13 of us We love you and Tina Truddy

    1. Truddy, thank you for sending your comments and you have made MY DAY to hear from YOU. You are now a computer internet user and it was easy wasn’t it? It is so impressive nowadays to hear someone say: married 59 years, 3 children, 5 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren (and one on the way). What a great marriage and you both are the best! Gene originated from a family of 17 and you, Truddy, from a family of 13. That has to be a record! Thanks guys, Tina and I send our love.

  8. Hi I am so excited to find this wonderful site . I am Kathy Freis Gross .My first job was teaching a combination grade 1& 2 at Catawba Elementary. This was from 1972 to 1980. How fortunate was I to start my teaching career in such a beautiful setting with wonderful students , and an amazing community. The fondest of memories are those of my time spent at Catawba Elementary.I was truly so blessed .

    1. Hi Kathy, Welcome to Echoes from Catawba. I am Ted Carroll, author, currently writing articles about my native Catawba with regards to people, places and events. My intent is to preserve our history as a community in Appalachia. The Catawba School had a huge impact on the lives of at least two generations of Catawbians. The current post on the school is one of two with the release of the next article in the near future. Glad to have you as a part of our heritage and as a reader of Echoes. Would like to meet you at the Reunion. —-Ted

  9. Hi Teddy, I’m Leon(Tuck) and Lucy ‘s youngest daughter Pam Garman Amos. I live on Franklin county now but still call Catawba home. It brings back memories of when I growing up to read Echoes of Catawba . Loved your mom and dad.

    1. Thank you Pam for taking your time to submit a comment on Echoes. You, like many others, can re-visit childhood memories of Catawba life during those early years. I am thankful to do these articles which will be put into book form soon. Continue reading and I will continue writing-Teddy

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