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Photo by Herb Grisso

Amazing is the first thing I can say about the “Echoes From Catawba” blog project created to publish articles about the life and times in Catawba Valley going back to the people and places that our Scot-Irish ancestors created. I felt a “calling” to attempt to write and preserve the lives of Catawbians who made our Valley such a great place to live in and be from. My desire is to see this heritage live on especially for our children.

 We are now completing 90 days since the start-up of “Echoes” and are some 50 views and visitors away from reaching the level of 6,000 views and 2500 visitors. We have 89 comments so far and 53 who are email followers. The email followers are those folks who get notified when a new article is posted.

The last article (Shepherd Family) was posted June 24, 2018 and was singled out by a blog monitoring service as a “Recommended Reading” to blog readers.

I am currently preparing my next post which is a story of a sweet family and special person that you will enjoy. My intent is to post this within 8-10 days. Beyond that, I intend to do articles on Catawba School, Catawba Methodist Church, Frankie & Louise Garman, Catawba Sanatorium/Farm and Morgan Farm/Homeplace.

Due to the time-consuming work of research on each article and my on-going work on a book, I will do a blog post once a month. I would like to do two per month, but that is not realistic at present. I am working on some ideas to bring more material to the blog in the near future. We are going through “growing pains” right now.

I am so very thankful first and foremost to God for calling me to this endeavor and to Him goes the glory. Secondly, I am blessed to have all of you readers who are partaking of the blog posts. Your feedback has been great and that in itself is a motivator. I love doing this so keep reading and telling me what you think especially, in making things better. I will listen to anyone who would like to be considered as a guest blogger. Also, if you enjoy doing research and interviews then let me know, especially if you live in Catawba.

Tina continues to make improvements to the website by adding photo albums and eventually a store where you will be able to pre-order “Echoes From Catawba” Volume 1 and a few other traditional craft items.

Yes, an “Echoes From Catawba” Volume 1 will be available soon.  We are going to compile all the posts for 2018 and publish them into a book so that you have a record of our writings. We will do this each year. Not all people have computers and even for those that do, this will be a good keepsake handy for reference or pleasure, or both! We will be ready in 2-3 months to start taking pre-orders with the Echoes Volume 1 and make it available for delivery starting December 1, 2018. This professionally printed book will make an attractive and quality Christmas gift. We will sell these at what they cost us so they will be very affordable.

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6 thoughts on “Echoes From Catawba Blog Update

  1. Love everything you write…I can’t wait to read next article…Thank u for such beautiful work..

    1. Thank you Annette for such kind words. It is obvious that you share my passion for what we all are experiencing in honoring our heritage. Give God the glory. The next post (in a few days) will certainly warm your heart. Thanks again for taking a moment to share your comment.-Ted

    1. Thank you Kay. We should have another one up in a week. Really a joy to do these and receive comments like yours. Continue to follow our posts and tell others. Thanks again —-Ted

  2. I also was born and raised in Catawba. We are cousins your mother and my dad were sister and brother. Whenever I cross the mountain and look at the valley, I smile and think of all the wonderful people I knew. Thanks cousin , I love all the memories you brought back to mind .

    1. Glad that you are reading from Echoes and it brought back memories for you. I hope to keep writing on people, places and events in Catawba. Thank you for taking the time to Send me a comment—Ted

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