Peggy’s Story

“As she turned her head, there was a popping/pulling sound in her neck that triggered a stroke and would end the hopes and dreams for a  promising life————-or would it?”

Peggy Taylor

I cannot remember the first time I laid eyes on Peggy Taylor, but I do recall that she was the prettiest girl I had ever seen. During our growing up years as first cousins, there were many occasions that I would be in her presence either at school or the many times the families of Will and Euemma Garman gathered. The adults would gather in the parlor to play Rook, work on putting the pieces to a large puzzle together, or just talk. The young folks would gather in the kitchen and play games, laugh and act silly. Then there were times like square dances at the old Mill, get-togethers at each other’s homes, ice cream suppers and Sunday afternoons at the Garman homeplace. I never told anybody about my infatuation with Peggy, mainly because I was the shyest boy in Catawba until my ninth grade year in high school. I could imagine there would have been a lot of teasing and laughing at my expense had I made my feelings about her known.


Back-Sandra, Ted, Willis
Front-Lola, Peggy

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    1. Better late than never Alice and I apologize. Thank you for commenting on the Blog posts. I am really enjoying doing this. Did not know it would turn out to be part-time job. It is very nice when nice folks like you comment. Catawba School Posts coming out wee of (9/10/18 —Ted

    1. She is an amazing lady and role model for all who know her. We always visit her every time we are in Catawba doing Echoes interviews and research. Tina and I love her very much and treasure our time spent in her presence. one of the greatest moments in my writing experience was composing Peggy’s Story! Thank you for your comment.

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