Old Timey Christmas Contest

christmas-past-christmas-morning.jpgI am planning to do a post on the echoesfromcatawba blog about celebrating Christmas in Catawba as a child during the period 1935-1955.  I am asking anyone who would like to share a comment about their “old timey” Christmas to do so. It can be on the kind of gifts you received, cutting a Christmas tree, Christmas activities in your church, etc. All folks participating will have their names put into a drawing with the winning name drawn receiving a $50 gift card. Deadline to submit your story is December 15th.

Keep it within 100 words.  At the bottom of this post, under “Leave a Reply” share your story in the comment section.

Your stories will be included with my article I will be publishing before Christmas.

Thank you for participating!

One thought on “Old Timey Christmas Contest

  1. My early memory of Christmas was always going to Shiloh Church on Christmas Eve to participate in the program. I was nervous and excited to be a part of this special event but always happy when it finished and I didn’t forget or mess up my part. I loved when we drove home and we were in sight of our house, seeing the beautiful blue candles that Mama always placed in the windows. The family usually came and we had so much good food and opened gifts. I am ashamed to say but I was always anxious for everyone to leave so I could go to bed knowing that Santa was on his way. I was never disappointed because I always got everything on my list and more. I was one lucky little girl, not because of the presents but all of the love that surrounded me in my home.

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