Christmas Greetings From Echoes From Catawba

God Gives us New Beginnings

A significant number of “Echoes” readers this past year have posed a similar question with regard to my book-writing focused on growing up in the Appalachian Mountains. “I guess being shut up at home in 2020 has allowed you to get a lot of writing done?, they said.” Certainly, a reasonable question with a surprising answer (at least to fans of the Echoes From Catawba series) who look forward to a book each year. My answer reflected on a year of difficulty with on-going drama of a Pandemic and Presidential Election occupying what was normally a creative mind. A thought to push Volume 3 into 2021 did pop up as an option. I had a notion to “hunker down” and get this year behind me, treating 2020 as a lost year. Was I wrong!

It came to pass as God reminded me, life is a journey filled with “new beginnings”, as tough times make for tough people. The Apostle Paul said it quite well as he faced adversity with an attitude of gratitude saying: “I take great joy in my sorrows!” Being humbled through challenges is a vey teachable experience as we welcome a new beginning to lead us forward. A New Year is always a great time to turn the pages of a year the likes of which we have never witnessed.

Tina and I wish you a Blessed, Merry Christmas rejoicing in the birth and life of Jesus; And follow Him into a New Beginning of this upcoming New Year.


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