The Other Side of the Mountain: Life in the Catawba Valley Exhibit will run through Sat., April 9

The Salem Museum’s main exhibit, The Other Side of the Mountain: Life in the Catawba Valley will run through Sat., April 9. If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting the Salem Museum lately, now is a great time! The exhibit is based on my book series Echoes From Catawba. It explores everyday life beginning with the Virginia Indians who first settled in Catawba; the culture that developed in the largely agrarian community; the stunning scenery—Dragon’s Tooth and McAfee Knob; and the modern institutions that have formed there.
The exhibit has been very popular, not only has Garrett Channell, Director of Education, spoken to the Catawba Women’s Group but he and Alex Burke, Museum Assistant Director have taken the exhibit on the road. They were asked by Mason’s Cove Elementary to speak to the students about what it was like growing up in Catawba in the early 1900’s. They obliged by transporting part of the exhibit to the school and giving a presentation to each grade level. The program was so successful, that there are already requests from three more Roanoke County schools.
Be sure to visit the Museum soon, all four editions of Echoes From Catawba can be found in their gift shop. The Museum is open Tue.-Sat. 10-4.
Books are also available at or amazon.

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