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Volume 2 Released November 23, 2019

On July 16, 1907, a baby girl was born in the Appalachian Mountains community of Catawba, Virginia. She was not given a name; she was just referred to as “baby.” She was the thirteenth child born into a family that would end up with a total of seventeen children. As a matter of fact, the fourteenth child, also a girl, would arrive before “baby” received a name! Her mother Luemma Garman gave birth on November 21, 1908, to another girl. Luemma and her husband Will now had two babies to give names too. The latest arrival would be named Pearl Esther Garman, and, finally, the sixteen-month-old “baby” was named Winnie Earl Garman.

No one has ever offered a reason why the delay in naming Winnie Earl. In the years ahead, she would be known to folks as Earl or Granny. It was a unique, extraordinary happening, and I cannot recall a similar situation. However, the words unique and extraordinary would define this woman who lived 18 days shy of one hundred and nine years. Nameless at birth, she passed away in 2016 remembered forever as The Primitive Woman of Catawba, Virginia. I am sure someone, in the sprawling Appalachian Mountains, can give an account of a woman who lived a similar life. However, when you finish reading this biography, I believe you will be challenged to envision anyone like Granny Taylor.

As you read this biography of Granny Taylor you will go on a journey through almost one hundred and nine years with a woman that will amaze you and impact your emotions in countless ways. Honesty, humility, caring, fearless, hard-working, funny and selflessness are but a few of her attributes. The most notable trait she projected was consistency. Through a century of living she never varied from who she was, while never forgetting her roots. Each chapter introduces the reader to the many people in her life and how they were blessed by Granny. How she stayed true to a near primitive lifestyle through fast-changing times is quite a feat. Few in the early years of the twentieth century would ever desire to live the way Granny did, especially when it was not necessary. For those of you who did not know of or about this lady, prepare yourselves for an adventurous, true story about a woman who could have had all the conveniences imaginable. A typical reaction would be to question why did she choose this life and sustain it for the entirety of her active life? If you as a reader knew her over the years, then let this book be a refreshing walk down memory lane while learning some things about her that you missed along the way. If you are meeting her for the first time, you are in for a real treat. She was approached a decade prior to her passing by someone who wanted to write her life story. Her reply: “My life ain’t worth writing about!” I am honored to introduce Granny Taylor (and her life story) to you!

Ted Carroll-Author


1 review for Echoes From Catawba Volume 2 Hard cover edition

  1. Rick Cromer

    I enjoyed reading volume 1 and will be getting volume 2. Interesting stories about the people growing up in Catawba. I had family in Catawba and Craig. They were Campers. My great uncle had Campers store that was a little past the Blacksburg road on 311.

    • Ted Carroll

      Thank you for taking the time to send a comment about the Echoes From Catawba efforts in producing books about Catawba and Craig people. I felt doing these stories in book form would be well received, but I did not know how much until folks like you expressed words of enjoyment in reading them. It means a lot to hear reader feedback, which further encourages me to stay the course with this demanding hobby. As we near the launch date of Volume 2 we are well along in writing for 2020 Volume 3. That book will have some interesting articles about Craig County that I am sure you will like. Thanks again for your comment.——–Ted.

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