Echoes From Catawba Volume 4


This 6X9″, 122-page hardback book contains ten interesting articles.   Volume four of Echoes From Catawba is the final book of the “Echoes” series portraying the people, places, and times of Catawba Valley. Volume four stays true to the format of the previous three. In this 4th book, there is a heartwarming story of a little girl spending her summers at Craig Healing Springs in what was a fairyland experience. The Great Wagon Road, how McAfee Knob got its name, and the first Boy Scout Troop are articles in Volume four. For the first time, Lower Catawba and its people will be featured. A profile of two of the 17 member Garman family will appear along with the second-largest family (Martins) to settle in Catawba. The back-story of the Homeplace Restaurant and the Wingate family promises to be of interest to many readers.


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