Echoes From Catawba Volume 1 Book Report

bookopenMedThree months ago we released the first Echoes From Catawba book called Volume 1 Growing up in Catawba Valley Appalachia.  Each book that is published will have a “volume” number. The next book to be released later this year will be Volume 2, then Volume 3, etc.

We printed a limited number of the hardback books which are First Edition books for release three months ago for the book signing and sales following that up until now. These hardbacks are the Collectors Edition. All of the first edition printing of any worthwhile books are an investment due to it being a limited number and first printing. They will increase in value as the years go by. The Volume 1 book is available on Amazon but that book is the paperback version only.   So what does this all mean to you?

If you purchased the hardback edition already, you are fine and have a first edition copy of Volume 1 and on track to build a valuable set. If you have not purchased a hardback copy yet, and you want to build a set then you may want to consider getting one now.

We held some Volume 1 books back to have for sale this year but they have continued to sell and our supply is slowly dwindling. I want you to be aware of this so you will have an opportunity to still get one.

Hardback books can be purchased in three ways: website,  The Emporium in New Castle, or the Salem Museum in Salem.

Our Blog continues to grow in popularity, spreading out to many states reaching Catawabians everywhere.  After the recent article about the Catawba Sanatorium, we have had 1,174 views and 980 visitors through four days.

2 thoughts on “Echoes From Catawba Volume 1 Book Report

  1. Many memories are before my time,but I love this book and being in everyone’s memories from my childhood.Ive learned alot I didn’t know!!!!Looking forward to more!!!

    1. Thank you Kathryn for taking time to send these comments. I am thankful for folks like you who express their heart-felt feelings towards heritage coming alive; or just the joy of wonderful times from the past giving us an uplifting, in a world that has changed. The personal joy, peace and contentment that I receive in writing is always surpassed by folks like you when you share your comments. Keep reading and I will keep writing. Ted

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