Echoes From Catawba Volume 1

We are pleased to share with you the new Book Promo Video for Echoes From Catawba Volume 1.

Click here to order Echoes From Catawba Volume 1  hardcover, collector’s edition: $27.99, includes shipping.  Also available on Amazon. Paperback: $18.99 and Kindle: $5.99

Also available at the Salem Museum Book Store in Salem, Virginia and The Emporium on Main Street in New Castle, Virginia.

2 thoughts on “Echoes From Catawba Volume 1

  1. So thankful for all your hard work and dedication in compiling the Echoes from Catawba, first volume, and look forward to future editions. The video with personal comments bring Catawba to life through sights and sounds just like the book.

    1. Thank you Betty for your meaningful comments. You have (along with others) been a part of the unveiling of the life and times of a strong-willed group of people that gave their all and asked for nothing. I want to shine a light on them in the upcoming years as long as God gives me breath. Thanks again Betty. Your encouragement has and will continue to inspire me. Ted

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